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Teams 2019-2020

Steele Athletics currently has 17 full-year competitive teams for the 2018-2019 Season!

Full Season Teams:

BB’s: Small Mini 1

Cobalt: Mini Youth 1

Pennies: Small Youth 1

J-Bolts: Small Junior 1

Bombshells: Small Senior 1

Mini Metals: Small Mini 2

Tin Tins: Small Youth 2

Gold: Small Junior 2

Silver: International Junior 2

Platinum: Medium Senior 2

Sterling: International Junior 3

Copper: Medium Junior 3

24K: Small Coed 3

Rose Gold: Small Junior 3

Iron Girls: Small Senior 4.2

Sassy Brass: Small Youth 4

Rust: International Open Coed 4

Lady Chrome: Medium Senior 4

Slate: Small International Open Coed 6

Titanium: Medium Coed 6

Prep teams: 

Tiny turquoise: Novice Prep

Tiny Topaz: Novice Prep

Junior Black: Junior 1.1

Junior Red: Junior 2.1

Are you interested in joining the Steele family for the 2018-2019 Season? Click here for our interest list!